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Hot Mess: Dresses!

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I, like most girls, want to look cute. I need the compliments of the people around me, like a margarita needs salt. If a week goes by without one, I know that I obviously need to step things up.

The problem with stepping things up is that it can require a lot of work. I have friends who wear brilliant, multi layered outfits, with the perfect matching accessories, head to toe. While I love their look, it’s just way too complicated and requires valuable time planning, visualizing, and trying different options. On the average weekday morning, there is no way I’m going to get up any earlier than absolutely necessary to spend that sort of time on an outfit. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, right?

My answer to this dilemma?

The dress. The glorious dress.

I own a lot of dresses. Some people might think this is because I’m extremely girly/prissy, but in reality, it’s because of how awesome and easy it is to look good in a dress. I can roll out of bed late, pull my long, messy hair back in some form or fashion, throw on minimal makeup, and still manage to look great, because of a dress. Nothing is easier. There’s no worrying whether things match, or if the lengths are right, or whether a top should be tucked in or not. You simply choose a dress, pull it on, and grab a pair of shoes, typically sandals for me. If you can put a cute belt over it, you gain about a million points. People will talk about how pulled together and fabulous you look, and think that you must have put a lot of work into getting ready.

The result? Minimal effort and thought, maximum compliment potential.


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  1. This is great. Your right dresses are the answer!!


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