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She’s Crafty: Kitchen Shelves

When Josh and I first signed the lease for our new house last month, we immediately went and started picking out paint colors. While white walls would have been bad enough, we had some very interesting colors going on.

The worst? The kitchen. I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t. Imagine the most horrible, vivid, peachy salmon, and you still won’t be close. It was horrible. It was were Pepto Bismol and Peaches and Cream Barbie’s love child went to die,

We had most of the house painted within a few days, and luckily have had no regrets on our color choices, which is always nice. The kitchen still needed something more though. We decided we would paint the back of some open shelves a fun accent color, and make them a focal point. We decided to go with yellow, which is a color we’ve been incorporating little pops of all through the house, and is conveniently one of our wedding colors. We decided on Behr’s Citrus Splash, and two coats later, we had a focal point!

We love the how bright and happy the yellow is (please excuse the quality of the photos. My bad). The objects on the shelves are still a work in progress, consisting now of two massive Crate and Barrel serving dishes, and a whole lot of cookbooks, aka gastronomic porn.

Now back to lolling



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  1. Love the blue walls with the pop of yellow! – Rachel

  2. Yellow cabinets are boss. Good job jazzin it up!


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