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How to stay cool

I live in the South. About this time of year it gets really hot. Oppressively hot. Like walk outside and five seconds later you have a sweat mustache hot.

A little over two years ago my husband and I bought an awesome house. We fell in love instantly, to the house that is, not each other, that takes time. It was everything we wanted and more: old house with charm, spacious rooms, amazing kitchen, no major renovations needed. Our only issue: no central air. To a girl raised in the South I didn’t even know such conditions existed, at least not in civilized society. But we were young and in love and decided to purchase the house thinking we’d install air when we could afford it. Well, its our third summer in the house without central air. We’ve adapted.

So today, as it is currently 99 degrees out (and feels like 112!) I’ve put together a list of ways I’ve learned to stay cool tolerate the heat.

Relax and loll about. This is not the time of year to get a lot of things done. Save that for the spring and fall. Its way too hot to be re-landscaping the yard or cleaning out the attic. Forget about it.
Fans. Our house came with ceiling fans in many rooms. While not the most attractive lighting or ceiling fixture, they are effective this time of year and I won’t trade them for anything. In the rooms without ceiling fans we’ve purchased additional stationary fans. We have several tower fans which fit nicely into corners and blend in. In my dressing room I purchased a vintage looking fan which sits atop my desk. Constant air movement is essential when you don’t have central air.
Cocktails. One of the best ways to stay cool is with a ice cold beverage. Whether its a glass of ice water, sweet tea, or watermelon mojito, its important to stay hydrated. Might as well make it a tasty one.
Watermelon. My all time favorite summer indulgence is a cold watermelon right from the fridge. I tend to stand right over the sink and chip away at a nice big wedge.
Frozen grapes. If you haven’t tried these, you’re missing out. Like nature’s popsicle.
Cold Salads. This summer my mission is to try a new pasta salad each week. These are great as the standing over the stovetop time is minimized. I also tend to serve each meal with a cold lettuce salad.
Grill out. Make your man go outside and grill your dinner for you. Why should you have to be cooking in the hot kitchen?!
Do your chores all at once. Since we can’t all afford household help, I’ve learned in the summer to save all household chores to do at one time. This way you only get hot and sweaty once. Although, don’t try to do too much or you’ll get exhausted and overheated.
Loll about. I can’t emphasize this enough: This is the time of year when you can get away with laying on the couch reading decorating magazines for hours with a cocktail at hand and not feel guilty!


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  1. yes, love makes you do crazy things!!! but no AC???? y’all were in LOVE!! We put in central ac here even though you often hear up here “oh, you only need it a couple of days of the year”… bull! I’ve had it on for days- hot is hot no matter where you are!!
    and I think cocktails to stay cool is brilliant;) I’ll have one in your honor tonight!


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