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Things We Love: Wedding Registeries

…and by wedding registries, I mean my own.

One of my current favorite things to do while I’m lolling is work on my wedding registries (wedding in 19 days! Holla!). There is truly nothing like making a list of ridiculous stuff for other people to give you.

When Josh and I got engaged in February (fun fact: our one year dating anniversary will be 23 days after our wedding day. Hey, when you know, you know.), one of the first things we did was go to Williams Sonoma to register. As two people who are passionate about food and cooking, we were seriously like two kids in a very expensive candy store. Considering we’re both in our mid/late twenties, and had both had our own homes for years, we had most of the basics already. Now it was time for the upgrades! We added everything, from citrus peelers to $300 food processors, and enjoyed every minute of it.

A month or so later, we decided to finally do a more comprehensive registry to go along with that at Bed Bath & Beyond, so we could get important things like dishes that weren’t hand-me-downs and silverware that we liked, and that matched. Ah, the little things in life. We wandered around that store for hours, grabbing condiment dispensers and Kate Spade towels and anything else that struck our fancy.

That was just the beginning.

Ever since then, any time we think of anything, see anything, that we might possibly one day want, my default answer is “I’ll put it on the registry!” The lists keep growing longer and longer, and I’ve come to realize that when the wedding is over, I’m going to go through registry withdrawals. What will I do when I can no longer count on perfect strangers to buy me the things that I want (Hi strangers! I’ll gladly send you my registry info if you’d like to buy a present for me!)? You mean that I’ll actually have to budget for and buy the things that I want?! This is not okay.

Luckily, both of the stores have registry completion programs, where we get a discount on anything that we buy off our registry for 6 months- 1 year after our wedding.

Which means that I should probably go add more items now, just in case.

Come to mama, lover.



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