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Things we love: The men who fix things for us

One day last week my husband called me at work to tell me he was doing a load of laundry and also that he thought he broke the washing machine. Awesome and awesome! Thanks, honey!

My husband has a family friend that knows how to fix these things professionally. He walked him through how to diagnosis our dryer a few years ago. (That one was a goner, unfortunately.) Together they were able to determine what the issue was and order a replacement part.

Yesterday I came home to this:

And then there was this:

After some cursing and tense moments he was able to get it all back together and working again!

Here’s to the men who fix things for us, even if they broke it in the first place!


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  1. I’m right there with you. If I can break it, Husband can fix it! I’ve actaully heard him say “Go ahead break it, I can fix it!”

  2. He did a load of laundry? What a guy!

  3. I love it! I would die of happiness if Zack could do laundry for me.


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