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Wasted Wednesdays: Things To Try

Sometimes things get crazy around here, and trying new recipes just isn’t a priority. We fall back to our default drinks of choice, since they don’t require much thought, effort, or new supplies.

I’ve had my eye on some recipes I want to try though, so hopefully the following drinks will make an appearance in my glass and on this blog soon:

Strawberry Vodka– I love strawberries. I love vodka. What’s not to love about this?! Plus, it makes me think of all the other ways I can make vodka even better. There’s some watermelon soaking in vodka in my fridge right now. It’ll knock you off your feet!

Boozy Mint Lemonade Slush– The name says it all. Now drooling.

Blueberry + Gin Smash– Gin is one of my default liquors, and Josh is obsessed with blueberries (Seriously, easiest way to keep him happy is to buy a carton of blueberries every time I go to the store). This seems really easy and delicious.

Ginger Cilantro Margarita– I loooooove a good margarita, and this one looks especially promising. I love the idea of the kick from the ginger, and the freshness of cilantro, though all of our cilantro died. Sad.

I’m sure I’m missing some I’ve bookmarked elsewhere, but these are definitely high on my list.

Any other recipes we should try? You know what willing subjects we are!


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