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Word of the Day: hangry

Today’s word of the day is: hangry.
Example: Can we please go to dinner right now? I’m getting hangry.

I don’t remember where exactly I first heard this. I know it was a blog – and if it was yours please let me know so I can give you proper credit for your genius-ness.

Hangry is what happens when you are so hungry you begin to get angry. Its something I’ve been afflicted with my whole life, off and on of course. If I don’t have something in my stomach at all times I start getting hangry, if not remedied I begin to downward spiral into not hungry any more and then into sick to my empty stomach which leads to several hours retching on the bathroom floor and cursing anyone who prevented me from eating hours ago (usually myself).

I’ll admit, hangry is a little cute-sy. But its a good way to remind those you are with what will eventually happen if they don’t stop and get you some food right away. My husband has learned the warning signs and will do just about anything to prevent hangry-ness setting in. He’s sweet like that.

To prevent hangryness I’m eating leftover cobbler right now. Yes, sometimes we must suffer eating delicious foods to prevent the hanger, but I’m willing to sacrifice myself to make the world slightly less hangry.


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