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In my dreams: My future lake house

Growing up my family had a ski boat and we spent a lot of time on the water. Now being close to water is in my blood. I need to be near water. Its not something I can explain. So its fairly natural that I’ve been dreaming of owning a lake house all my own for years now. I also blame my parents for this. Both of them grew up with lake houses. I was totally deprived of such a luxury.

A few months ago I announced to my sweet husband that I have made owning a lake house my official 5 year goal. Have I made any steps to reach that goal yet? Well, I’m not buying new shoes for Allyn’s upcoming wedding, does that count? I think it totally counts.

Following a recent addiction to Pinterest, I’ve put together a few ideas for my future lake home. (Side note: Don’t you just love Pinterest? Its the best thing ever!)

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I’m loving this color scheme and general vibe for the living room. A little rustic, a little cozy, yet not sloppy. I can so see myself cuddling up in that wing chair with a good book.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Here’s the dining room. I love the casualness of this dining room. Perfect for lazy weekends at the lake. I also love the idea of bench seating as it will accommodate as many people are willing to squeeze together.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Don’t you love the airyness of this kitchen? While cooking dinner I can stare at the lake or watch friends and family play outside.

Source: None via Rachel on Pinterest

This is the perfect sink for the laundry/mud room. I mean really. If nothing else, this has to happen.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Don’t worry! There will be plenty of guest beds for our visitors!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

After dinner we’ll hang out on the porch with drinks talking late into the night.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who fantasizes about future vacation homes? Does any one have a lake house?


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  1. Ok, so maybe it’s not a lake house dream, but I constantly dream about a small, vintage, pull-behind trailer as our future vacation “home”. Then we can vacation wherever we want! I WILL make this happen. One day.

  2. I also have dreams of a lake house. 🙂 However, we don’t even own a first house at this point, so I think that might be a better five-year goal for us, haha. But I pin all kinds of ideas for my future lake house, and hopefully I’ll be able to put them to use someday!


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