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Travel: Honeymoon

As you’re reading this, my new husband (!) and I are on our honeymoon!

We started talking about our honeymoon plans when we were in China in January to visit Josh’s dad. At the time, I thought it was a little premature, since we weren’t even engaged. Little did I know that Josh had already bought my ring and had told his dad and his dad’s wife the day after we got there that he would be proposing soon after we returned to the States. Sneaky boy.

Most people we know do the all inclusive beach trip as their honeymoon. They all love it, and I know it’s a great (and typically inexpensive) solution, but it didn’t appeal to us for various reasons:

  1. It’s HOT, and my baby doesn’t love the heat
  2. I’ve gone to the beach almost every year, so it’s nothing too special for me
  3. Josh’s family is originally from Hawaii, so we have a permanent excuse for a beach trip anytime
  4. Just about everyone who goes to Mexico gets sick (Montezuma’s Revenge, anyone?)
  5. We really wanted to do something exciting and new for both of us

Then, his dad’s wife threw out a magical idea:


We immediately jumped on the idea. It’s gorgeous. It’s a place neither of us have been before. It’s international and exciting, but they still speak English (don’t really want to deal with the stress of translating while we’re trying to relax). Even in August, the highs are in the mid 60’s at most. It appeals to our sense of adventure. It’s romantic.

We were sold.

We’ll be flying into Edinburgh and then getting a car and driving (all Josh, never me) up the east coast to the Orkney Islands, staying at little B&B’s along the way. We’ll be in the Islands for 3 nights, then work our way back down for a total of 9 glorious nights in Scotland.

To say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement.

I’m going to try to take a million pictures, and I’ll be eating everything they put in front of me (Haggis? Black pudding? Bring it on!), so I’ll have lots of stories to tell when we get back. I’ve written up a few posts so Rachel doesn’t have to completely stop lolling while I’m gone.
Here’s to getting my man to wear a kilt!

Until then, hope everyone has a great few weeks!



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  1. oh wow i hope you have a brilliant time, congratulations!!

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