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Travel: Mexican Honeymoon

In the spirit of Allyn’s honeymoon I thought I’d post a look back at my honeymoon.

We were married in April 2008 and decided to honeymoon in Mexico. There were several reasons, its not too far away (3 hour direct plane ride, yes please!), all inclusive, and relaxing. After planning the wedding and all the wedding festivities I just wanted to sit and relax and let other people pamper me. Bryan worked with a travel agent to find a resort that involved no buffets. I don’t do buffets.

We flew into Cancun and took a van ride to our resort, the El Dorado Seaside Suites. Our resort had five restaurants to choose from as well as a spa. There were also swim up bars and swing bars by the water.

room with a view

We got the cheapest room, but happily, we ended up getting an ocean view anyways. Our room was quaint with a Jacuzzi and a balcony overlooking one of the pools.

swim up bar

Our abosolute favorite was the beach beds. The first day we took up residence on one right on the water. But we preferred one convienetly located between our room and the nearest bar right beside the pool. It was beside a swim channel for the swim up rooms so it was nice and quiet. It also had plenty of shade for those of us who are allergic to the sun (me).

poolside beach bed

We did have a little sickness, which wasn’t what I’d call fun. But it did force us to really take things slow and chill out. No excursions or adventures for us. And we were totally fine with that.

Overall it was an awesome trip and I’ve already begged Bryan to take me back numerous times.


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