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The Summer of Shrimp

I’m a really big dork. You’ve probably already figured that out. Every summer since I was a little girl I’ve had to have summer goals. Over the summers I’ve learned to knit and reorganized photos. This summer I decided I would try new shrimp and pasta salad recipes every week. With the exception of two weeks from May to August I stuck to my goal, making this possibly one of the most successful summer projects. Today I’ll discuss some of the shrimp recipes and tomorrow I’ll talk about the pasta salad recipes I’ve tried.

Deviled Shrimp Pasta Salad: The first and one of my favorite recipes was a combination of pasta salad and shrimp. It was a great opener to the summer project.

Flaming Cajun Shrimp: This is the first recipe that I’ve ever set fire to. It was delicious and would be great for a casual dinner party.

Paul Proudhomme’s Barbecued Shrimp: I had some amazing barbecued shrimp in New Orleans earlier this year and I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since. This comes pretty close.

Shrimp Soup: This comes from a cookbook. It was okay, but made a ton. I still have several containers in my freezer.

Creole Marinated Shrimp: A recipe from Ambrosia cookbook. A cold shrimp dish which would be a fantastic appetizer for a summer party.

Swamp Shirmp: Our favorite.

I still have a few recipes flagged to try, so the summer of shrimp isn’t quite over yet.

What is your favorite shrimp dish?


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