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Fashion Etiquette Conundrum

The other day I faced an etiquette conundrum. I was at a popular bar when a girl walked in wearing the same dress I was wearing. I’ve debated the virtue of a Target dress for years. They are cute and very reasonably priced. As we’ve already discussed, we love dresses. It’s practically all I wear from May to September. (I actually put on jeans for the first time in weeks the other day. It was weird.) Each summer I usually pick up two or three cute dresses at Target. The only problem with Target dresses is that they are a mass product. Thousands of other girls are wearing them as well. So its inevitable that you’ll see someone wearing the same dress you are out and about.

My conundrum is though, if you walk into an event wearing the same dress as another girl who has already been there, do you sit/stand right next to her?

The guy on the other side of me at the bar pointed it out. The girl herself admitted she probably shouldn’t sit next to me wearing the same dress.

Normally I wouldn’t have thought too much of it. If it was me walking in, I would have found another spot in the room so as not to bring attention to the situation.

Maybe I’m being a little silly. What are your thoughts on seeing someone out wearing the same thing? Do you love Target’s summer dresses too?


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  1. Ooh, that’s awkward! I wore a Target dress to a wedding recently and looked around like a hawk at everyone that walked in, hoping like mad that no one would be wearing the dress also (I didn’t see anyone, thank God).

    In this situation, if I was the girl walking in with the same dress, I would probably feel really awkward and guilty (even though I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m weird like that), and I would definitely try not to sit by the girl who was there first. I feel like that is just courteous.

    And if I was the girl already there wearing the dress, I would probably try to use all my brain power to will the other girl to sit somewhere else. 🙂 Seriously, I could imagine it now: I see the girl walk in and immediately begin chanting in my head, “Sit somewhere else, sit somewhere else,” and so on. If she did sit by me, I have no idea what I would do then, but I would probably curse her in my head and feel awkward the whole time, praying that no one would notice. 🙂


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