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Things that drive us crazy: The Vacation Rush and Guilt

My first job out of college I had no real responsibilities. It was one of those you could leave at work and clock in and out of. My current job has more responsibilities, which I love, but also love to hate sometimes. Mostly, though, only during my off hours. I appreciate my previous job a little more around vacation time.

When I take time off I spent a day or two before I leave rushing to get everything together and ready for when I leave. Then I spend usually two times the amount I took off after the fact catching up on what I missed. Its not relaxing.

Not to mention the guilt I face when taking time off. Why have we Americans made ourselves feel guilty when we take some time for ourselves? Vacations and breaks are healthy and productive to our health and mental well being. So why should I feel bad?

I was talking with a client the other day who’s company is based on Europe. He was talking about his frustrations when dealing with his home office. They will take two to three weeks vacation at a time and are much more lackadaisical about deadlines. I’m not saying use all your vacation time at once and forget about your deadlines, but I think its healthier to not take things so seriously sometimes.

What are your thoughts on work, vacation, and guilt?


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