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Hurricane Preparedness Kit

As you are reading this my husband and I are headed straight toward a hurricane! Ain’t nothing going to stop me from taking my damn vacation! So this past week, despite living in the middle of the country, I’ve been on Hurricane Irene watch. (It looks like she’s going to the North of us and the area we are going won’t be evacuated.)

When Kelly at Tearing up Houses mentioned what’s she’s preparing for the hurricane (in her adorable cooler, no less) it got me to thinking about what I would deem essential to survive a hurricane.

Here’s my list:
– Beer, lots and lots of beer
– Rum and gin for when we run out of beer
– Nutella
– hummus and pita chips
– nice smelling candles
– fruit snacks

What would be in your hurricane kit?


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  1. Bullets and guns. For the zombies, of course. I made a list after a major disaster in my area and it’s posted on my blog. I titled it: How a Panicky Lemming Prepares For Major Disasters. [I have a tendency to act like a lemming, choosing to throw myself off the perfectly good (proverbial) cliff for no apparent reason.]

    Best of luck on the vacation and with Hurricane Irene! And with the zombies.

  2. I’m coming to your hurricane party cuz you throw down like I do. One thing you left out… food to grill when the power is out for 3 weeks. That’s how we do it in Florida anyways…


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