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Lolling In Progress

Well, for Rachel.
Not so much for me.
This week (and last week) have been pretty crazy. Rachel is at the beach, wallowing in a well deserved vacation.
I got laid off from my job 3 days before my wedding (best present ever! Oh wait…), came back from the honeymoon, and had an interview the next morning. At 9 am. Helllllloooooo jetlag! The fact that they called me back for a second interview goes to show that either they’re crazy, or maybe I always interview like I’m coming off a 3 day bender.
All that to say, I got the job, and started last week, and we’ve been trying to settle into life again post wedding/Scotland (which were both AMAZING. More to come), and fighting off summer colds, and generally running around like crazy people.
This is really just a post with an excuse as to the lack of posting.
I’ll make it up, I swear.
Forgive me?

In the meantime, I really need to figure out how to make this happen.



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