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The Lolling Vacation

My husband and I recently spent 7 full days of lolling about. It was glorious. I cashed in on some vacation days, we packed up the car, and headed toward the coast. My family has had a condo on the beach since my mom was in high school. Growing up we always went every year, usually for multiple weeks at a time. Its just not summer to me without a pilgrimage to the land of lolling.

Bryan, my husband, did not grow up with such a luxury. In fact this was the longest amount of time he’s ever been away from home. Our honeymoon was only 5 days. This was also the longest amount of time that we’ve been forced to spend with each other without a buffer of other people. I knew I could handle it, but I was worried about Bryan being stuck with me and the beach for a whole week. He was a trooper though.

The majority of our time was spent on the beach. When we weren’t on the beach I was on our balcony reading. The most strenuous activity that we partook in the whole week was grocery shopping. Here are a few glimpses at paradise:

my view from our balcony

The dock in downtown Fernandina, this is where we get fresh seafood

We pretty much had the beach to ourselves the whole week which was awesome. But we didn’t do much swimming because there was no one else in the water and if a shark was nearby they would have to eat me since they didn’t have any other choices. This is how I rationalize things.

Bryan was on punch committee. He made sure we had plenty of delicious beverages the whole week.

We had an awesome time. Bryan didn’t get sick of me once. And then he made me come home, the bastard. I still haven’t forgiven him.


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