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Weekend Project

So this past weekend my husband was not working and we had lovely weather. This means one thing: doing stuff around the house. I asked Bryan to take the trellis and vines by our front door.

See, when we bought the house the little area to the left of our front door looked like this:

Then a couple of months ago, sick and tired of the vines taking over the porch and the roof, Bryan cut the vines and they became dead. I don’t have a good picture of it, but you can kind of see on the left hand side of this picture:

That’s my new-to-me chair by the way. I picked up on the side of the road.

Here’s what we’re working with right now:

Bryan trimmed and tore down all remnants of vine and took out the trellis. It was buckling and I wasn’t a big fan of it vine-less anyways.

So now we’re trying to decide what to do. Our options are:
a) Buy and install a porch swing. We don’t technically have enough space here, but we could make it work. We’ve always wanted a porch swing.
b) Find some old windows and hang to create a translucent blockade.

I sort of like something being there. It makes me feel safe and the dog doesn’t jump off to her impending death.

The seat to the chair was hijacked by my mom who is going to rebuild the seat for me and then we’ll recover it.

What are your thoughts? Also, where do you find old windows?


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  1. Oooohhh I like both ideas! But for the porch swing, you have to ask yourself: are we really going to use it?

    • We actually sit on our front porch a fair amount. We have a small table and two chairs on the other side of the porch that we use fairly often. (We like to spy on our neighbors!) I think what it will come down to is what is cheapest and what we find first. I’d be happy with either. – Rachel

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