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Delta Roadtrip: Our night in a sharecropper’s cabin

A few years ago I got a Daily Candy email about a Delta roadtrip. Its been on my brain ever since. Specifically this one place to stay, Tallahatchie Flats. They put together a bunch of old sharecropper cabins to make a nice little inn.

The cabins are very quaint, yet have everything you really need. Towels, comfy bed, AC/heat, even a full kitchen. Added benefits: nightly bonfires, a front porch for sitting, a friendly lab, stars to gaze at, and a river in your backyard. These aren’t amenities you can get just anywhere.

Here are a few photos:

Inside our cabin

A nice place to drink your morning coffee

We only stayed one night on this trip, which is sort of sad. Next time we will plan to stay two nights and possibly bring some friends. Its a great place to retreat from the hecticness of everyday life, to get to know some good country folks, and see another way of living.

Up next: What to do and what not to see in the Delta.


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