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Delta Roadtrip: Things to see, do, and avoid

I lived in central Mississippi for a number of years. Being in the capital and going to school and college I met people from all over, but never having been to many places outside of my town I didn’t really know anything about the towns people were from. I’d always get Greenwood and Greenville confused. This will no longer be a problem.

Since we currently live in Memphis, I thought a nice little weekend roadtrip might be fun and not all that far away. Friday afternoon we left a little early and headed towards Greenwood. We drove through Clarksdale for a few minutes, but continued on towards our destination. We stopped first at our lovely accommodations, the Tallahatchie Flats.

After we’d settled and taken a few daylight photos (see: yesterday’s post) we headed into town. Bryan drove us around a little bit first. The movie, The Help, was filmed here last year and its not hard to see why. The homes are beautiful. I wish I took pictures for ya’ll to see. There were so many beautiful homes in such a small little area.

Across the river is the downtown area. We had dinner at this really cute and delicious place, The Delta Bistro. The next morning we came back into town and shopped at several awesome places on Howard Street. Viking Range is headquartered here and offers a number of cooking classes and has a great little store. Bryan only let me buy one small thing.

We planned to leave Greenwood around noon and head to Greenville. My stipulations for a Delta roadtrip included dinner in Greenville at Doe’s Eat Place. I had seen it in Southern Living and other food lists that I had to eat there.

We got into Greenville around 1 pm and started to look for a place to eat lunch. We drove around and drove around and finally found this one place that looked simi-respectable. They specialized in ribs, which we ordered to share. Sadly, we’re from Memphis and have been exposed to the best ribs in the world, so we weren’t necessarily thrilled about our lunch. It did give us time to formulate our afternoon plan.

Greenville, MS is a shithole and we were thoroughly disappointed. We’re generally positive people and tend to see the best in things, but this is probably the worst town we’ve ever been to. Since we had to kill three hours before dinner, Bryan did some research while we ate lunch. There are literally no places to shop and nothing to see in Greenville.

Bryan drove us out of town and over the river into Arkansas. There is a little town and a big lake just 15 minutes from Greenville. We enjoyed this little detour far more than Greenville.

After playing around we headed back towards Greenville. But I had seen some signs for this home decor and holiday store and made Bryan stop. OMG, I’m so glad we did. It was a huge warehouse full of adorable decorating items, vintage items, and holiday decorations. We scored two old windows for less than $20 each (guess we’re going with the window idea for the front porch) and a cute iron Christmas tree for 1/2 off $10. I really wanted a vintage rail lantern, but Bryan said no.

Back in Greenville, we ate at Doe’s Eat Place. Its a unique experience. Observations: you enter through the kitchen and it feels really awkward, they do not have a menu, they do not list prices, it is expensive. I’m glad we went, but I’ll probably never go back. Way too expensive and Greenville left a bad taste in our mouths.

Things to do on a Delta Roadtrip:
– Stay at Tallahatchie Flats
– Visit, shop, and eat in Greenwood
– Avoid Greenville
– Listen to blues music

Overall we had a fantastic little weekend getaway that left us feeling like we took a long vacation instead of an overnight trip. We plan on going back and next time we want to see a little bit more of Clarksdale. I hear they have good tamales.


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