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Things We Love: The Little Things

At our wedding in August, Josh and I had mini cupcakes for all of the guests. Neither of us are big cake fans, so the idea of spending a fortune on something we don’t really care about seemed pretty silly. We got a local bakery to make them in their traditional wedding cake flavor, since even we had to admit they made pretty dang good cupcakes (Carrie Underwood obviously agrees, since they made the cupcakes for her wedding too).

When my mother and I went to order them, the girl mentioned that for a very small price, they would make a cake topper for us to cut at the wedding. Josh and I thought that’d be fun, so we ordered one in their lemon blueberry flavor.

It looked super cute, so we cut into it, thinking we’d take a bite, get the pictures, and be on our way.

While that was technically the case, we happily would have sat down and eaten the entire thing. Seriously. It was AMAZING.

I’ve been talking about it ever since, how I wish we could have eaten it all, but whenever we’ve gone to the nearby location, they haven’t had the lemon blueberry flavor. So rude!

So Friday morning, my sweet husband secretly called the main location and got them to set aside two cupcakes so he could pick them up after work.

This is what greeted me Friday night, after a really long and stressful week.

It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy.


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