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Things That Drive Us Crazy: Daylight Saving Time

If there’s one thing I hate in winter more than freezing cold cars, it’s the fact that I leave work and I only see the last few moments of any sort of sunlight.

Why?! As if shorter days weren’t bad enough, they feel it’s necessary to make it dark EVEN EARLIER?!

Yeah, yeah, it’s nice to be a little brighter in the morning, but since I spend most of my time getting ready in a windowless bathroom (side note: pretty much no matter what time I go into my bathroom to start getting ready, I walk out at the same time every day. It’s like a black hole of time), the extra bit of sunlight doesn’t do much for me.

I’d rather get ready in the dark, and get to leave work and pretend that I haven’t spent all day inside an office. No sun when I walk out definitely does not allow me to do that.

Add this to the long list of reasons why I could never live in crazy way northern places like Alaska and Iceland (where about 80% of the population believes in fairies/elves. I would go crazy if I lived there too).



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  1. Oh lord, this drives me crazy, too. As a lifelong southerner, Michigan might as well be Alaska. Where the hell did the sun go!!!


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