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Things we love: 90s TV

Oh Instant Netflix! How I love thee! I don’t know if it’s sad or amazing that we now don’t even have to wait for a DVD to come in the mail or go to the store to pick one up. Now we can just click a button and pick out whatever we want to watch. It has been months since I’ve looked through my own DVD collection.

Bryan and I have taken to watching TV series on Instant Netflix. We’re show people, or maybe I am. I don’t like to commit to a movie every night. We’re currently in the middle of Mad Men (omg, LOVE IT!), but he works some on the weekends and goes out of town for work, so I’ve started watching a series without him.

I’ve seriously got obsessed with 90s dramas. First it was My So Called Life. I was obsessed. I dreamed about Jordan Catalano for weeks. Just thinking about it is probably going to make me dream about his dreamy blue eyes tonight. Don’t tell Bryan.

I’m currently watching Felicity. Like, I’m currently watch this as I type. I’m really enjoying the series. It’s so real and occasionally they have really cute references to things that aren’t relevant anymore. A few episodes ago, the one where Jennifer Garner guest stars as Noel’s girlfriend, Noel and Jennifer Garner totally have a Mac and PC conversation. It was cute.

Besides those, some of my all time favorite shows were from the 90s. Friends, Seinfield to name a few. Don’t even get me started on TGIF shows. I haven’t seen them since the 90s, but still. They hold a special place in my heart.

Please tell me I’m not the only one obsessed with 90s TV?!


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  1. So glad to know that Felicity is on instant now!
    We’re currently going through Wings. Hell yeah.

  2. I love Netflix Instant! We don’t even have real cable (just the most basic package so you don’t need an antenna and converter box); we just have Netflix and Hulu. I’m not currently watching any 90s TV shows though, although this post makes me want to see what they’ve got. My loves on Netflix are Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit, and I also have a weakness for animated shows (Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, King of the Hill). When it comes to 90s shows, I would love to see classic Nickelodeon on Instant. I don’t even know what’s on that channel nowadays, but it can’t compare to their shows 20 years ago (yikes, that makes me feel old).

  3. I’ve been totally hooked on originals of Law and Order on Netflix. Haha! My kids love all the old cartoons. 🙂


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