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Travel: Christmas 2011

It’s a well known fact that Josh and I love to travel, so we’re super excited that we’re going on a trip after Christmas! Hooray!

We have some Delta vouchers we need to use (from when they screwed up our flight to Shanghai last winter. Sigh.), so we started thinking about where we wanted to go that wouldn’t wind up costing us a fortune in other expenses, but was somewhere fun and awesome.

The amazing solution? Boston and NYC 2011!

Josh’s mom and grandparents live right outside of Boston, where I’ve never been, and one of my best friends from high school lives in NYC (yay Whitney!), so not only do we get to stay for free (holla!), but we also get to see people we love and rarely get to see, aaaaaand Whitney finally gets to meet my husband. Oops.

Whitney and I, Brooklyn Bridge, Fall 2010

So now, I’m begging for things to do/awesome places to go eat, especially in Boston! We’re going to be focusing on mainly finding legit Asian food in NYC, since that is nonexistant here in TN, but we’re really open to anything.

So please, list your favorite coffee shops, hole(s) in the wall(s), bars, and must see places, no matter how touristy or cheesey they might seem.

Anyone else with fun holiday trips planned?


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  1. I wish I could help but I’ve never been to either city. Both are on my travel list though! Have an amazing time!

  2. Fun!!!! I ate some amazing Italian pizza with goat cheese, arugula, and balsamic at Tramonti’s in NYC. It’s on 16th (or 26th?) right off Broadway.
    I’ve never been to Boston either, so I’m looking forward to hearing about it!


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