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Foodie Friday: What I’m making for Thanksgivings

Yes, Thanksgivings because I’m so thankful I have to celebrate it three times. Not really, I’m sort of horrible that way.

The last couple of years I’ve hosted my husband’s (and sometimes members of my own) family for Thanksgiving. I was initially pretty nervous about having the pressure of The Turkey on me, but I enjoy having family over and providing a lovely meal for them. It’s one of my love languages, lovely meals. One of the lesser known love languages. I’m special like that.

my first turkey

This year my sister-in-law wanted to host and who was I to stop her? I don’t have to clean my house! Hooray! But first we have to go to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving with my family. Two thanksgivings, one day. I’m willing to sacrifice my waistline for family.

I’m not coming empty handed. I plan on making the following:
Roated Feta with Thyme Honey as an appetizer
– Allyn’s Sassy Green Beans (Which she needs to post here at some point)
– pumpkin pie (which I’m going to make two of and eat one for breakfast while we watch parades… it’s our little secret)

I won’t lie, the masochist in me was really disappointed that I don’t get to cook a turkey and have to figure out what to do to use it all up before it goes bad. I want leftovers, damnit.

So I decided to have my own Thanksgiving meal with all my favorite foods. Here’s what I’m making for Fakesgiving:

Make ahead turkey
– Brussel sprouts and bacon
Mac and cheese
– My grandmother’s green bean casserole
– some form of sweet potatoes, either in gratin or scalloped
– Pecan pie

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes or traditions? Are you have just as many Thanksgiving meals as me? Am I crazy?


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