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She’s Crafty: Butcherblock Cart

A few years ago, my then roommate and I bough a little butcherblock topped cart to put in our dining room for extra dish storage. We always said we’d redo it, because it looked like this:

Yeah, nothing to write home about, but we were poor and it was about $10.

Fast forward to this summer, when Josh and I moved into our current home, and the cart became our coffee bar. It was perfect for the awkward space in our kitchen, but still not pretty.

So, I cleaned it out

Removed the hardware and the resulting nasty sticky funk (technical term there)

Dragged it outside and spray painted it a lovely blue, which resulted in my looking like I had blue freckles all over my body and blue grass

Painted it with a few coats of varnish (the top as well)

And added pretty new handles from Anthropologie (which required Josh to drill new holes in the metal doors. What a man!)

Hooray for pretty new (old) things!



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