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Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and before we start to focus on Christmas, I thought we should have a little “how was your Thanksgiving?” discussion time. Recipes tried, recipes to never try again, funny stories, horrible stories, and everything in between.

Our Thanksgiving included:

  • This recipe, which is always delicious
  • This recipe (using coconut milk and no cheese), which was very tasty but gave me lots of trouble (as in, at least twice the cooking time recommended)
  • My father-in-law in town from Shanghai
  • A gorgeous, magnificent free range turkey that also took way longer to cook than it should have
  • The realization that my oven really can’t handle cooking two things at once (sigh)
  • A wonderful meal full of family
  • The first married holiday for Josh and I, something we’re so thankful for (collective AWWWW)
  • Had my 4 year old nephew turn to me and ask if I had ever come over before. Yeah buddy, pretty much once a week, every week, since the DAY YOU WERE BORN. No biggie.

Anyone else?

Next up: CHRISTMAS!!!!


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