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New York, New York

I hope everyone had a great new year! Josh and I had an incredible time on our trip, and, in New York especially, ate some really amazing food. Since the thought of forgetting any of these places for our next trip terrifies me, I figured I should list them all here. If it helps any of  you as well, then so much the better!

In order of our visit:

  • Ino– I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place (apparently the truffled egg toast is unbelievable), but we just stopped by for a snack to get our day going. I had a cappuccino, he had an americano, and we shared the charcuterie plate. So freakin tasty. Some of the best cured meats I’ve ever had.
  • Shanghai Cafe– We’ve both been missing soup dumplings since our visit to Shanghai last January, and they pretty much don’t exist in Nashville. We didn’t get many dishes here, though we definitely could have. I will say, the pork and leek soup dumplings were almost as good as what I remembered, and the bamboo shoots in brown sauce were tasty.
  • Hide-Chan Ramen– If we had this in Nashville, I’m pretty sure I’d weigh about a million pounds. This is ramen like you’ve never had before. To call those cardboard noodles with their seasoning packet ramen is a total insult to the name (and trust me, I have a certain fondness in my heart for those). This was one of the best bowls of noodles that I’ve ever had. You can get the broth in multiple ways (go for the rich way. Go big or go home) and choose your noodle firmness. My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about this stuff. We also got the pork buns (drool) and some sort of octopus dish that was delicious and had a good wasabi kick. HIGHLY recommend this place.
  • Indian Road Cafe– We stayed with my friend Whitney in the far northern end of Manhattan, and this is her favorite local spot. It’s open for all meals, has an impressive beer and other booze menu, great vegetarian and vegan options, and uses local farmers and butchers. We got breakfast, and it was yummy. This would be my neighborhood place too.
  • Pasha– This was were we celebrated New Year’s, and ate some really authentic Turkish food. I do love lamb. I also drank a lot. It was fun.
  • Banh mi zon– Go here. Order a number 1 sandwich (banh mi). Give thanks for unbelievably delicious food.
  • Panang– Josh spent a good portion of his childhood/teen years in Malaysia, and loves Malaysian food. After eating here, I can see why. My mouth is watering just thinking about their roti canai. They also make in house pineapple vodka. Enough said.
  • Shake Shack– My favorite burger place ever. I have now converted Josh to the cult. The Shack sauce makes it. It doesn’t hurt that they grind their own Angus beef daily. They need to open one here. Preferably yesterday.
  • Momofuku Milk Bar– We stopped here to get some cookies for our flight home, and they were awesome. I keep seeing the recipes floating around online, but people seem to have very mixed results when they try to make them. I might just order a few (cough *dozen* cough cough) instead.

Yeah, we ate a lot.

Can I go back?

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