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My husband, Bryan, and I are big beer drinkers. We are a part of the mug club at our favorite local microbrewery. When out of town we try visit local breweries and micro brew pubs. We’ve even brewed and bottled our own a few times.

A few months ago I started thinking about getting our own kegerator. A homebrewer friend had said that he and several of his friends started putting their homebrew in Cornelius kegs instead of bottling and it had made their lives much better. Cleaning and sanitizing about 50 bottles per batch was not fun.

We received some money for Christmas and I decided we should think about spending some of it towards a kegerator. Bryan was hesitant and needed convincing. So one day I decided to crunch the numbers to see if having a kegerator would offer us any savings. Numbers don’t lie, my friends. And they were pointing in favor of the kegerator.

Here is our reasoning for getting a kegerator:

1) $50-90 savings per month (depending on type of beer and size of the keg) over buying bottled

2) new way to store homebrew instead of bottling

3) if we don’t have the kegerator full we can use it as overflow fridge space

4) Having draft beer in house will keep us from hitting the bars once or twice a week which will add to our savings

5) we’ll become really popular, just kidding.

We put a lot of time and thought into our purchase. There was a surprising number of things to consider when purchasing a kegerator. Do you want to purchase a kegerator or convert a regular fridge? Full size or mini? One tap or multiple? Budget and size were our big factors to consider. We ended up buying this model from Sam’s Club and it was delivered in less than a week.

Bryan spent a couple of hours putting it together, fetching the keg, filling up the CO2 tank, and fiddling with guages, but got it up and running on Friday afternoon.

We are having to rearrange a few things in the house (hello dinning room redo!), but the kegerator is already bringing us much bliss!

Quick photo Bryan took on his phone

Our local wine and beer distributer offers dock sales and we have many keg size and brew choices. Currently we are sticking with 5.17 gallon kegs (smaller than your traditional kegs, which are 15 gallons) of beer that we both like. In the future we may get 5.17 gallon kegs of our personal favorities and take turns as we tend to love different types of beers. When things settle down and we find ourselves with a free Saturday we’ll even homebrew to put in our first corny keg.

So now that you think we’re full fledged alcoholics, what do you think about kegerators? Yea or nay?


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  1. WHOAAAA! RADICAL! I wish I had the money/space for one of these suckers. How much was it?


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