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Wasted Wednesday: Holland House Bar and Refuge

Image from Holland House Facebook page


If you’re ever in Nashville, you have to go to our favorite bar, Holland House Bar and Refuge (they also have killer food).

I know that a lot of people say that Patterson House is the best bar in Nashville, but our money is on Holland House.

The first time we walked in, we fell in love. We even got a lot of our wedding inspiration from their decor. Rustic wood, fairy lights, and 1920’s music playing in the background. Part of my bachelorette festivities included drinks here.

We really love it.

I’ve had so many drinks here that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the one I tried last time is definitely in the running. It’s called a Clyde Bank Sour, and it includes (according to their website): senior orange curacao, lagavulin 16 islay scotch, ginger cordial, fresh lemon, egg white.

The result is a smoky, fruity masterpiece that’s made to be sipped slowly. I knew from the first whiff that it would be good, and I was right.

My amazing husband Josh has been working on recreating it at home, and while we’re still trying to perfect it (egg whites are tricky!), it’s really close.

Which means I’m in danger.

If you get a chance, go check it out!



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