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Things we love to hate: Ridiculous Names

Yesterday Allyn and I spent a good deal of time making fun of discussing this guy’s interesting sounding name. It was one of those names that is so fun to say when you are delirious tired. I won’t say it here since it is a real person’s name who I do randomly see out and about. But still… After repeating it endlessly for a while we then decided it sounded like a body part, in a private area.

We don’t just make fun of regular people’s names. Celebrity baby names are even more fun. Apple, Blanket, Michael Rainbow, we could go on and on.

Tell us we aren’t the only ones! And what is your favorite ridiculous name to make fun of?


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  1. A few years ago when I was in college, a couple of my friends and I sat around their room and discussed names that we thought had a “trashy” sound to them. It all started when one of them mentioned that she thought that about a friend’s girlfriend’s name, although the girlfriend wasn’t “trashy.” We then had a lengthy discussion about names and people we’ve known over the years who’ve given us those kinds of associations. I hate to say any of them because I don’t want to offend anyone who might be reading, haha.

    And you guys aren’t alone, I’ve definitely laughed at ridiculous names and also ridiculous spellings of names, particularly with my husband or closest friends, depending on who the person is that has the name or has given the name to their kid.


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