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How fine do you dine?

My grandmother is moving out of her house of 30 years into a small apartment. My family has been helping her go through the house and a life’s worth of possessions. Naturally we are all bringing home boxes after each visit.

On my last visit I came home with a set if my grandmother’s china when she married my grandfather and my great-grandmother’s crystal.

When Bryan and I got married we registered for one set of dishes for our everyday use and a set of simple glasses. I knew that we would one day we would inherit a set of china from one of my grandmother’s. I’d much rather have something from a family member than something new from the store.

But now that we’ve come into possession of some finer things, we’re faced with the question of when to use our fine china and crystal.

Do you use fine china and crystal? When?


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  1. You know, for a long time, we had our everyday dishes, our wedding dishes, and my Grandma’s china and the only thing that got used was our everyday dishes. I finally got to the point of what’s the point in having them if we don’t use them and got rid of much of the mismatched/cracked everyday dishes. Our wedding dishes are now our everyday dishes (except for the 5 yo who broke one a night for a few nights – 3 nights, 3 $30-plates, ouch! -and I said, nope, he can use plastic ;). The china comes out at holidays and occasional nice dinners when I’m in the mood. The plastic kid plates still come out on Fridays for pizza night tho 🙂


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