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King Cakes

My love of New Orleans is well documented. One thing in particular I love about New Orleans culture is king cakes and Carnival season. It’s not all Girl’s Gone Wild, contrary to what my husband thinks.

Last week my husband was traveling to the New Orleans area for work so I hopped in the car with him for a short break. One of the reasons was king cake.

Actually several weeks ago I got the hunger pains. Thanks to the internets you can get your very own king cake FedEx’d to you overnight anywhere in the country. Chalking up $50 for a $20 pastry is not really in our budget. My patience was rewarded. Oh, was it rewarded!

Earlier last year I happened this lovely New Orleans food and culture blog in my research for one of our trips. I’ve been following ever since. Knowing that Bryan was planning a trip, I suggested he schedule it so we could attend their 2nd Annual King Cake Death Match. Like a good husband, he listened to my suggestion.

Here’s the premise: 11 king cakes from various bakeries in the city were donated and free for attendees to try and vote on.

Free king cake?! Yes please!

The king cakes were delicious, but we had to make a decision. Bryan and I each had different favorites for different reasons. He enjoyed an overly sweet praline filling cake, I enjoyed a simple pecan version. Neither of our favorites were chosen the over all winner, but that’s okay by us. We brought home each of our favorites to enjoy. We even had our own mini version death match inviting our parents over to try each one and decide.

Thanks to Steve and Sheree for putting together a fabulous event!

Do you enjoy king cake?


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  1. I know what you mean about King Cakes. Wish LA was just a car ride away for me, but alas, I’m a Yankee now. I was born in baton Rouge, though, and still have family there. My aunt (who is an amazing cook, btw) just wrote a post on HER blog about King Cakes and she shared her recipe. So I will share it with you:!/2012/01/rooster-inn-king-cake.html


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