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One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, Josh asked me to marry him. In honor of that completely awesome occasion, I thought I’d retell our engagement story.

The story: Josh had suggested we go to our favorite Indian place, which I’m always up for, so we headed that way, only to find out once we got there that they’re closed on Monday nights. Bummer. Instead, we went to our favorite restaurant ever, The Red Pony, where we proceeded to have an incredible meal. Probably our best one there. We lingered over drinks and I had no clue anything special was going to happen, since Josh was as cool as can be.

After dinner, we decided that, since it was a little stormy and a little warmer than it has been lately, we’d go up to the Natchez Trace bridge. Our very first date, Josh took me up there to watch a storm, not knowing that one of the few things on my “list” for my future husband was someone to watch storms with. I told him that story about a month or so after we first started dating, and he loved it. Anyway, we went up top and walked out on the bridge in the dark and just huddled together and enjoyed the view and the silence.

Then Josh started telling me how much the past months had meant to him, and how much he loved me, and how excited he was for our future. Then, he said “Allyn Abigail Sossaman, will you marry me?” and knelt down and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. It was pitch black dark, so I couldn’t even see the ring, but through the tears and laughter, said YES! He stood up and hugged me and kissed me.

Then the cops showed up.

The bridge is closed to pedestrians after dark, and we’ve always known this, but it’s never been an issue before. The cop asked if we’re just making out, or if we’re going to jump. I wipe tears away and say “he just proposed!” The cop still asked for Josh’s liscense, and while he checking it in his car, I look at my GORGEOUS ring for the first time. By the lights of a cop car. Classic. The cop came back, pulled out his flashlight, looked at the ring, and said “this will just make your story better.”

He was right.

The very first picture of my bling


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  1. That IS an awesome story! And your ring is very unique and gorgeous!


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