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Garden Grows: Chapter 1

I love vegetables. I really really love them.

My parents made sure to constantly expose us to a variety of fresh vegetables when I was growing up, and I am forever grateful.

The problem? Good, fresh veggies are expensive, especially when you try to get local, organic ones. Dishes like this can really rack up quite a bill at the grocery store, which is a bummer. My solution? Plant a big garden and grow my own produce! That way I know where it comes from, what it’s been exposed to, and, most importantly, they’re way tastier and waaaaaaaay cheaper.

Last summer we had just moved into the house, and between new jobs and planning our wedding, I intelligently decided not to tackle a large garden. I did grow tomatoes and basil in pots, peppers in one of the front beds, and a bunch of herbs in our herb garden, but that’s it.

This summer, I’m tackling THIS bad boy:

The previous tenants had dug out this flower bed, and we cleared it out last fall. However, it is full of weeds, and I really don’t want to weed that much. Plus, even if I pulled out all of those weeds, who knows how many more are just waiting to come up. I really don’t want to spend my entire summer weeding, so here’s the solution:

Weed cloth! Hooray! Lay out this bad boy, cut to fit, and pin it down.

The next step will be covering this with mulch, then bye bye weeds. Can’t grow, can’t live. Boom.




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  1. oh LUCKY u! I wish I had a garden to plant my own vegetables too =)

  2. Wow! I’ve always wanted to build a vegetable garden in my future home. Not sure if I’ll have the patience for it yet, but I admire that you do!


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