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Book Worm: Spring 2012

Why yes, I do have a shirt that looks like this.

Every day on my lunch break, I take my food out to my car and read my Kindle, like the nerd that I am. It’s the perfect way for me to escape for an hour, that doesn’t involve shopping (I work right by the mall and lots of good shopping. Danger.)

Here are some of the books I’ve read recently:

Nicholas and Alexandra– A very in-depth and very sad look at the fall of the Russian Empire and the death of the Romanovs. Gets into the “power” that Rasputin managed to wield against hemophilia, and shows how quickly everything can change.

The Hunger Games– This was actually my second time to read the trilogy, in preparation for the movie. Which I went to the midnight premier of. Yup, nerd alert.

The Passage– Technically this isn’t a recent read, but I just preordered the second book in the trilogy, so it’s been on my mind. Post-apocalyptic vampire book. Think I Am Legend mindless killing machines. No Twilight sparkles or love triangles.

Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir… of Sorts– Beautiful and painful book about struggling with an alcoholic father and faith.

Unbroken– The true story of Louis Zamperini, a bomber in WWII, who was shot down and captured by the Japanese. This book was seriously intense. I’m pretty sure I cried a few times. The fact that people can endure that sort of experience blows my mind. Makes me wish my grandfathers were alive to ask them more questions about fighting in the war.

Not sure what I’ll read next, though I did just preorder Rachel Dratch’s new book, Girl Walks Into a Bar. It comes out tomorrow, and might be a nice change to laugh after reading about entire families being shot.

Anyone else? Lists, recommendations? I’m always on the hunt for more!

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