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Things We Love: Local Food

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Josh and I rolled out of bed early for once this Saturday and hit up the Franklin Farmers Market. It was kind of an exploratory mission to see if we could stick in our current grocery budget and still support local farmers (did we ever).

This is definitely going to be our new Saturday tradition. Even though I love love LOVE sleeping in on Saturdays, it’s worth it. We loved getting to talk to the farmers, and even got tips on how to best take care of some of the herbs we already have. Also? We got to eat this, the greatest biscuit of all time:

It was a biscuit with the most tender piece of spicy fried chicken I’ve ever eaten, honey drizzle, and homemade pickles.

Pretty sure Josh and I were both dancing as we inhaled it. This will be our new Saturday breakfast, I can tell. It came from a brand new food truck called Biscuit Love, and holy moly, worth every penny.

We also got herbs, spinach, colorful cauliflower, local honey, fresh peas (I tracked down and grabbed the very last bunch), garlic scapes, eggs, pork chops, radishes, and squash. Whew. Here’s our haul:

Oh, and we ate fresh strawberry glazed donuts.

Yeah, I’d say it was a success.

Anyone else a big fan of their local farmers market?

We love our farmers!

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  1. The biscuit seriously does not look good. I was thinking, “Whaaaaaaa…?” But I know looks can be deceiving, especially in a photo. I take your word that it tasted real good!

    Usually, I decide to go to the farmer’s market last minute, and the produce they are offering, I’ve already bought at the grocery store. I was able to buy some organic, free-range, local chicken eggs! Yeah! I am really ready to do it again, because the store-bought batch I bought since was especially nasty, to the point of cracking a rotten one into the others. Yucky! Gag me!

    Thanks for the post, and I like the picture of your farmer’s market loot.

    Oh, what’s a scape?

    • Sadly, food pics, when not perfectly set up, often don’t look all that appealing. But trust me, it was ridiculous. Josh is seriously already planning what time we’ll get there this weekend to ensure we get another biscuit.
      Garlic scapes are the long green tops of a garlic plant that farmers cut off to ensure that the garlic bulb grows big enough. They have a really mild and fresh garlic flavor and a great crunch. We cut up some for scrambled eggs and the rest went into mashed potato cakes. I hope they have more next week!
      Your rotten egg story is disgusting. I’d stick with the fresh ones. Bleh.

  2. I think your busicut looks yummy 🙂 it’s just REAL & not fake, prepped plastic! Good for you sister~ love me the farmers market! It’s wonderful to get good food & support the local farmers. Thanks for sharing, I followed you over from PW! 🙂 take care~ love to loll also. Lol
    Kelley Kay from OKC

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