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Travel Planning: Summer 2012

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Bryan and I are in serious talks for a summer vacation. FINALLY! Guess all that daydreaming is starting to pay off.

We’re planning on visiting family in Norfolk, VA for part of the time. While we’re in that area we are also talking about going to DC or perhaps making it a “Virginia is for Lovers” tour of the major cities in Viriginia.

So, lollers, I need you to step up and give us some advise. What would you recommend for Norfolk, Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia, and/or DC? I am taking recommendations for the following:

– places to stay

– things to see

– places to eat

– regional beer to try or visit

– things we should absolutely avoid

– things we should absolutely without-a-doubt go out of our way to see/do/consume/etc

For your efforts you will be rewarded with a full trip recap.



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  1. One thing to know is that almost everything you may want to do in DC will be free. Almost all the museums, monuments, etc… It is an amazing place to go and see all the history. My favorite was the Smithsonian Museum of American History. You can get tickets online for like 1.00 to get a reserved place in line for things like the Washington Monument. Personally one of my favorite vacation places (Ive been 3 times)
    Happy Summer Travels!


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