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As it gets rather hot here in the summer, I like to switch to iced coffee for my morning caffeine intake. I prefer not to drink beverages that induce sweating in the summer, just as a general rule.

Bryan, my husband, is the coffee maker in the house and he previously has made my coffee just like his (in the french press) and then poured my share over ice. I know this isn’t the correct way to make iced coffee, but it’s worked for us as it hasn’t involved any further steps or preparation from what we were already doing. Sure, the ice melted and was a bit watered down, but I wasn’t complaining. As long as there is caffeine, I’m happy.

But then at the end of last summer when I started researching proper ways to cold brew. I was interested, but not interested enough in making my own coffee. As of yesterday, my husband is traveling again with work (he’s a sales rep so he travels seasonally) and I was faced with having to make my own coffee in the morning. I figured this was the perfect time to try cold brewing.

A friend wrote down his method for me step by step. I love this method because I do all the work, not that it really is work, the day before. So in the morning all I have to do is pour and stir. Which is way easier than waiting for the water to boil, then the grinds to steep before making my morning cup.

Iced Coffee (french press method)

Combine your coffee grinds with cold water in your french press (however strong you’re used to making it is fine) and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Then stir. Cover your press with saran wrap and refrigerate for at least 12 hours.

When ready for coffee, take out your press, stir and then press. Fill your glass 2/3rds full and mix in your sweetener (if you are like me and need things sweet) then cover with ice and add cream. Stir and sip!

Happy Monday!


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  1. For some reason, a hot cuppa in the morning will warm me in the cold weather but will cool me off in the hot weather. I can’t explain that either but I can’t quite comprehend iced coffee first thing in the morning. I need that steam!

  2. That sounds so nice and refreshing! I made a blended coffee drink over the weekend, in my Vitamix. It was like a knock off starbucks 😉


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