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Foodie Friday: Lady Peas

In my dad’s family there is one thing more precious than the family silver. Lady peas. Seriously. My grandmother recently moved out of her house and we had to go through all her posessions. The frozen bags of lady peas were the most sought after item.

These tiny peas of deliciousness are in season and if you can find them at your local markets, buy some.

I prepare them by washing them and then boiling them with season salt and a slice of bacon. They don’t take very long (20-30 minutes) and are the perfect simple side during the summer. Serve with grilled meat and fresh veggies.


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  1. Could you show us a package of these? Living in the Pacific Northwest, we probably don’t have anything like it? Or maybe I just don’t know about it. I’d love to try some–you have me really curious !

    • We’ve only ever found them fresh at the farmer’s market! That’s why they’re such a treat. Limited time offering, if you will. Hence the frozen bags, because you’ve got to stock up while you can!

  2. I love veggies but have never been able to warm up to peas. They remind me of bloated ticks.


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