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Wasted Wednesday: Innis and Gunn

Summer time, especially in the South, is the ideal time for lolling. With temps in the low 100’s this week, I’m trying to use my body and my brain as little as possible. It’s not pretty.

While we do still drinks plenty of cocktails, the ease of beer in the summer can’t be beat. There’s nothing like coming home (in a car with no AC), changing into comfy clothes, and grabbing a cold beer out of the fridge.

We drink plenty of Corona with lime, but our new favorite splurge is Innis and Gunn.

Innis and Gunn is a Scottish beer, and there are several types based on what type of barrels they age them in. Whiskey, rum, beer casks and more are all used and all delicious. My favorite is the oak barrel aged original. It has a sweet and creamy flavor that I absolutely adore.

While these might not be the cheapest beers, or even the easiest to find, they are, quite possibly, the most delicious I’ve found.




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  1. I have to agree! Innis & Gunn is one of the great jewels of life. Creamy, sweet, smokey, refreshing and delish!
    I’m a new lurker to the blog – already bookmarking recipes. We’re having Peach Slush & Swamp Shrimp on Friday 😀


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