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Garden Grows: Chapter Six

To say that our garden has taken off would be quite the understatement. We’ve harvested snow peas, green beans, and loads of squash already, and there are still other things that we’re waiting patiently for them to ripen!

I managed to run outside in between rain showers yesterday and snap a few quick photos before it started pouring again.

SO THANKFUL for the rain.

Acorn squash and bell peppers. Not sure why the peppers seem to be glowing

So much squash!

The basil is growing like crazy. I think I’ll be freezing some pesto soon

Broccoli. Not really sure what it’s doing. Maybe one day we can eat it?

Lots of San Marzano tomatoes. Can’t wait.

Cherry tomatoes

Anyone else had gardening luck this summer? Or have any really bad luck?


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  1. Allyn, y’alls garden looks SO GOOD, and I cannot believe how much has already been harvested and how so many more things are growing on the vines. I know broccoli looks funny… but the crown should grow up in the center of the leafs. I think. (I had a photo assignment at a local farm here in Baton Rouge, and they were growing broccoli and had the same questions since they’d never seen it grown before…)

    What kinds of awesome foods are you making with these veggies? Just seeing these photos makes me SO excited to get into our new home in August so I can have a spring and summer garden next year!


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