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Wasted Wednesday: Bourbon and Peach

***Whoops-a-daisy! It has recently come to my attention that it is not Wednesday! Obviously I am in need of bourbon this morning. Carry on….***

This is not a recipe. I repeat this is not a recipe.

Part of the Lolling About lifestyle involves winging it sometimes. A few weeks ago I made brandied peaches and ended up with a lot of leftover peach syrup. I know, it’s a real hardship. I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful things I could put it in or on. One of the ideas I couldn’t wait to try was mixed with bourbon.

I’ve sort of been on this bourbon kick lately after I first sampled a mint julep. Southern girls just love their strong drinks. So the other night while the guys were making mint juleps I mixed a couple of tablespoons of peach syrup with a good helping of bourbon. I topped it off with crushed ice and stirred.

Gracious, it was delicious. Refreshing, light yet strong. Yummm….

What have you mixed with bourbon lately?



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