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Garden Grows: Rachel’s Garden

Over the last few years my interest in gardening has increased. I started off with a lone tomato plant my first year of marriage. Over the last four years its grown each summer. It had gotten a little ridiculous when I had totally taken over the front porch and steps as well as the entire side of the house, slowly encroaching on my parking spot. Oops.

Here’s a few befores of the craziness:

The front porch

The side of the house early this spring.

Early in the spring we had attended a silent auction for a local children’s charity. Besides getting our benefit on, we also bid on and won some time with a local landscape designer. We knew we wanted the backyard redone and when the designer saw all my plants she worked a garden into the design.

Due to personal craziness we didn’t get to start on the garden plot until around June. Not really the best time to start on a yard project in the South, but we did what we could. With the goal in mind of getting the garden ready for some fall plants we spent countless Saturday mornings prepping.

Here’s what our yard looked like before:

Yeah, kind of a disaster.

Here’s an almost-after.

Still on our to-do list:
– Either find more matching slate or stepping stones for the pathways. (We re-used the slate from previous walk-ways that had been in the yard.)
– Plant lettuce in that center triangular bed. (The seeds are in the mail.)
– Clear out the weeds/wild flowers in the long rectangular bed behind the chairs. We will be planting winter squash there for the winter and peas and beans in the spring.
– Finish the rest of the yard. This we are considering phase two and won’t begin on that until September, at the earliest.

Since we had moved the bulk of our plants to the back, I moved all my potted herbs to the back as well. Not necessarily for aesthetic reasons so much as laziness in watering reasons.

The tomatoes are still dominating the side of the house, but I look forward to planting them next spring in the garden.


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