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Travel: San Francisco

If there’s one thing San Francisco has a lot of (besides homeless people), it’s restaurants. We seriously had such a hard time narrowing things down, and still have a long list of places to try next time. We were also in town for a family wedding, so we got a few free meals. Never bad. We ate a lot of great food during our trip, and here’s the lineup!

Swan Oyster Depot-

This place is a legend, and the line to get in is a testament to this. There’s only seating along the bar, so be prepared to wait a while. Worth it. Some of the freshest seafood I’ve had, and a great place to start our trip.

Bar Crudo

This might be one of my favorite restaurants ever. Again, crazy fresh seafood, but theirs is served in some unique and amazing ways. Fresh oysters, plates of sashimi, and the best seafood chowder of my life. This is one that will be a San Francisco staple for us. Make reservations.


A very pretty and very tasty place for brunch. No reservations accepted. Crispy potatoes were ridiculously good.

In-N-Out Burger-

You can’t go to California and not go to In-N-Out. It’s pretty much against the law. Cheeseburger, animal style, makes for one happy girl.

Chez Panisse

Oh Alice Waters, you are my hero. The patron saint of the farm to table movement, this place is absolutely a must for anyone who truly loves food. Although it’s a drive out to Berkeley, it’s worth every moment. Reservations are 100% necessary. We chose to go with the upstairs cafe for lunch, which is a much more affordable option. One day though, we’d love to go back for the full dinner experience.


This was not originally on our list of places to go, but since we walked to one option and it was closed, and then the next option and it was closed as well, we were hungry enough to try this based on a recommendation from a random guy at a store. He told us that all the Japanese baseball players go here for ramen when they’re in town, which was more than enough to pique our interest. So good! We love ramen (like we found in New York), so we were more than happy to inhale our huge bowls. It pays to be flexible and ask around! Be prepared for a wait.


I knew I wanted to hit up a few shops in the Ferry Building, so on our last morning that’s where we went. After wandering around a bit, we chose Marketbar for brunch, and managed to get a table outside. It was a great last spot to enjoy our last morning, and the shrimp and grits were delicious.


This was our dessert stop after brunch, if you can call salted meats a dessert. We do. Yay pigs!


We saved this for our last night with friends. Started by a man who truly loves pigs (he also started Boccalone), this was a really fun and delicious place to be. I had medium rare pork for the first time ever, and it was crazy good. Reservations pretty much necessary.

Humphry Slocombe

On our way to the airport, our friends took us here for a last treat. This a quirky little ice cream place in the Mission district. I got the Secret Breakfast flavor, which was cornflakes and bourbon. YES PLEASE.

There are so many more places that we can’t wait to try, so another trip to San Francisco is definitely on the list for future trips.

Anywhere we should add to our list for next time?

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  1. Hub’s family lives about an hour south of San Francisco, so we get out there about once a year. I have a picture of me “squishing the bridge” and everything. Last time we were out there we ate at the Four Seasons restaurant, Windows. It was really good. I can’t remember where we went the time before that. We always go to one super nice place and then just eat wherever for the rest of the trip.

  2. On our trip, we decided we’d splurge and try TWO michelin star places. This was our second choice, and the better one, we thought.We had 5:30 reservations – they don’t open until then, so if you get there early, like us, you wait in their patio area. Once we were escorted in, we were shown to our table in the corner, semi-private and perfect for us. It feels a bit industrial at first, as there are no table cloths and the decor is stark, but you are coming for the food!I won’t run down the whole menu – it is extensive (for the tasting menu) – but here are some highlights. 1. Three dishes with black truffles! And not stingy either!2. Extra birthday dessert – a music box that has a top that you can pull off – and a good dessert inside!3. Great range of courses with several bites for each – you will be full!The wait staff was great at refilling water and answering any questions we had about the food – they do know the secrets, don’t hesitate to ask!My least favorite dish was the xiao long bao, only because I had a hard time tasting the foie gras (which is now gone) and I couldn’t get the sauce to spoon over the dumplings as well as I wanted. Another not perfect dish (to me) was the mozzarella cheese and XO – I thought it was weak and tasted too much like it came out of a can.Other dishes though, shone like crazy – we had to stop talking and just eat and smile. The food is all very asian themed but mostly in a good way.I would highly recommend coming here if you have a special occasion in mind (and money to spend). As of right now, this is the #2 best place on both DH and mine’s list of anywhere we’ve eaten in the world.PS. The tasting menu does not have a drink pairing as they change it nightly, just ask when you arrive if you are interested in having one made for you.

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