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Foodie Friday: Cozy Weekend


We’ve had an incredible fall so far, full of sunshine and mild weather. People have been flying in hot air balloons (Seriously. Right over our house), and the mums are starting to bloom.

While today’s high here in Middle TN is a lovely 80 degrees, the same can’t be said for the rest of the weekend. A cold front moves in tonight, and we’re expecting some cold and drizzly weather for the next few days.

Since this is the first cold and gross weekend this year, I decided to just embrace it. I made a short of list of cozy foods to make, and I’ll be puttering around my kitchen all day. Sounds pretty heavenly, now that I think about it.

On the list for this weekend:

  1. Split pea soup– One of our favorites, though it certainly won’t win any awards for most attractive. It’s delicious, hearty, and cheap. Perfect.
  2. Stewed collards with chorizo and garlic– This is a new recipe that I’m really excited to try! Our market is full of greens, and I found out that Josh has never had collard greens. The Southern girl in me is shocked and appalled. Obviously that needs to change immediately.
  3. Bone broth– I love having homemade broth on hand. I make big batches, portion them out, and freeze them. I ordered 4 lbs of bones from a local farm (2 lbs chicken bones, 2 lbs beef bones), and I think I’m going to start with chicken. This will literally simmer away unattended for days, and make my house smell incredible. My friend Lindsay wrote a great post about why it’s worth it to make your own, plus some great tips.

So that’s most of my weekend. Anyone else have big plans?

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  1. Oh, I’d love to know where you ordered your bones from! I’ve had bone broth on my to-make list for a few weeks now, but have been intimidated by the sourcing out the bones step. Kinda’ crucial to the broth! 🙂

    • We ordered ours from River Cottage Farm and picked it up at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. I think they have a few drop offs around town. You can also get them from Porter Road Butcher and even have them ordered at Whole Foods. My freezer is now full of quarts of broth. It makes me ridiculously happy. Next on my list is lamb broth.

      • Thanks so much for the quick response! We’re doing a winter CSA that’s just meat but their bones are just chicken. I’d love to experiment with some other proteins, so River Cottage would be a great resource. Thank you! Hope the lamb broth is delicious!

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