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Busy Weekends

It’s inevitable that every year, around this time, our life starts to kick up a notch. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that fall in TN makes everyone want to party (which is completely understandable), or if it’s kind of pre-gaming for holiday madness, but I find that every weekend starts to have multiple events.

We just had a wonderful, crazy, so very full weekend, and now I need a few days off. Too bad I have to wait until Friday.

As if normal fall insanity isn’t enough, this happened last Thursday:

Our poor Minerva got fixed. This led to a weekend of keeping her locked up in our temporarily dismantled office. Funny how cats completely don’t understand the concept of not jumping and climbing on everything. So much whining and crying, and I was only responsible for about half of the crying. It was rough. However, apparently the male cats in the neighborhood were starting to get a little too interested in her. Hussy.

In good news, I successfully made a dairy free, gluten free, delicious cornbread for a party over the weekend. That recipe will be coming soon! We have a lots of allergies in our group of friends, and a great longing for cornbread, so I decided to rise to the challenge.

Anyone else feeling the fall craziness? Or are you just bracing yourself for next month?

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