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For the last couple of years Bryan and I have been a family of 6. Bryan, me, one dog, two cats, and one turtle. We liked our little family. This summer, however, we had a set back. Our beloved dog, Bosco, died. It was heartbreaking. Literally. I think it broke both mine and Bryan’s hearts. We cried and moped around for weeks. Even the cats were sad and missed their sister. (Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that counts their pets as children. Don’t judge me.)  People asked us when we thought we’d get another dog or if we’d get another dog. I knew that we’d get one at some point, but Bryan wasn’t certain he’d want one for a long long time. It was a sensitive matter and I decided to leave well enough alone.
In the past month or so my heart had healed a bit and I found myself longing for a dog. You know how some women, you may be one, long for a baby. Like their body actually craves a baby? I’m not one of those women, but I felt that way about a dog. We’d be out and I’d see one and I’d ache. Bryan had to stop telling me about encounters with dogs in his daily dealings because I always followed his story saying “I WANT A DOG!”
One day, not so long ago, we were both out in a suburban area of town at a random time of day. He mentioned that maybe while we were in the area go by the Humane Society. This was the first we discussed it and I was over the moon. It turned out we couldn’t go by that particular day, but it got us started on the path.
We visited the local Humane Society on a Saturday. We had spent the days preceeding looking online at pictures of dogs at both the Humane Society and other local foundations. I didn’t give it much weight. I knew that I couldn’t make a decision until I saw a dog personally. My only requirement was that it wanted to snuggle with me. Bryan had a few more specific criteria.
We walked around the building and saw all the dogs and then discussed which ones were our favorites. We asked to meet two of them.  After playing with them both separately, we knew we were hooked on one of them.
Meet Presley Roux Baddorf.
She’s about 3 years old and is a hound/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. A park ranger saw her previous owners ditch her in one of our local parks.
I can not figure out why they would get rid of this sweet baby. All she wants to do is cuddle. You don’t even have to play with her. Let her in the backyard and she will literally play with herself.
The cats haven’t totally accepted her into our fold, but we’re closer than we were a week ago.


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  1. So glad you got yourself a new addition to the family. And, so love Miz Presley came from a shelter. She’s a beauty by the way. May you and she celebrate many birthdays together.


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