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Restaurant Review Nashville: Biscuit Love at Cooking with Yazoo Beer

We’ve talked before about our love for local food truck Biscuit Love, and when Rachel and Bryan came to visit we went and toured Yazoo Brewing Co, so when we got a chance to combine the two for a special night you know we jumped at the offer. I mean, come on, beer and great food cooked with beer? No brainer!

Yazoo has been hosting local chefs for the night about once a month and this was our first time to go. For $20 we got a three course meal and unlimited beer, plus a really fun time. Karl, the genius behind Biscuit Love, and his wife Sarah have become friends of ours, so we also loved the chance to go support them as well.

Karl named his meal “Scenes From a Redneck Childhood,” and with a name like that, you know it’s going to be a great night.

First course: Country Store Pickle Plate

  • pickled sausage poached in Dos Perros and served over fried cornbread (my favorite)
  • pickled Hefeweizen egg salad served on an angel biscuit
  • Tobasco and Hefewizen pickled Gulf Shrimp served over a Weisenberger Mills cheese grit cake

Second course: The Virginia Creeper Picnic

  • drunken Cruze Dairy buttermilk fried chicken brined in Gerst
  • Delta Sun Farms collard greens braised in Broadbent bacon, onions, and Hap & Harry’s Tennessee Lager
  • 4 cheese Kenny’s Farmhouse macaroni (complete with Cheeze-its crumbled on top)

Third Course: The Family Get Together

  • a buttermilk pie named Sue, which was Karl’s Aunt Edna’s recipe with a little bit of a Beer Named Sue (this was the lightest and best buttermilk pie I’ve ever had)

As you can imagine, poor Josh pushed his dairy allergy to the limits, but it was worth every bite and possible nasal issues later. Every course was perfect, but the second course in particular really spoke to me in the way that only true Southern comfort food can do. While the fried chicken and mac and cheese were insanely good, the collard greens, which reminded me so much of my late grandmother that I got a little choked up, were what brought waves of childhood nostalgia crashing over me.  Even if you didn’t grow up on these foods (like Josh), it’s still just the kind of meal that makes you feel happy and cozy.

We will definitely be keeping on eye out for Yazoo’s next chef’s night, and will continue to stalk Biscuit Love. If you’re in the area, you should check both of them out!

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