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Thanksgiving 2012

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the USA, so naturally our thoughts go to food (even more than they normally do). This marks the first year that I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with extended family, but poor Josh has to work at midnight on Thanksgiving so we’re staying in town. Ah, the joys of retail and Black Friday.

We’ll be celebrating instead with two other orphaned families, so we have a list of things to contribute. I asked our lovely hostess what I could bring, and this is what we’re making:

  1. Mashed potatoes- just your basic mashed potatoes. To me, Thanksgiving is not the time for fancy flavored mashed potatoes, since they simply serve as a vehicle to get gravy into your mouth. This article from the Kitchn does a great job of breaking the process down for perfect potatoes.
  2. Dressing/Stuffing- This is the one that freaked me out a little. I’ve never made dressing, nor am I a huge fan of it. It’s typically bland and either weirdly dry or overly mushy. Josh and I decided to break free of tradition and make this Poblano Cornbread Stuffing. Now I’m actually looking forward to the dish, which I didn’t think was possible.
  3. Vegetable- Easy. Sassy green beans. Like there was ever any doubt.
  4. Wine- Okay, so I actually offered to bring this. You can never have too much booze at the holidays, right?! Instead of just grabbing a few bottles of wine though, I thought I’d make this spiced apple cider sangria. Doesn’t get more autumnal than that.

Anyone else mixing it up a little this year? Or have any traditional dishes that are a non negotiable?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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