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Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year. When we think about the past year and how we want to improve or what we want to accomplish in the coming year. I’m a big goal person. I usually have goals for the year and goals for seasons. I’m a big dork like that. But I enjoy accomplishing things, challenging myself, and seeing what I’ve done in retrospect.
This year instead of having New Year’s goals I decided to align them with my birthday. I turned 28 a few weeks ago and these are my goals for the year:
– Drink more champagne. This may sound a little silly and frivolous and it is, truthfully. The past year has been heavy and difficult. This year I want to have more fun and stop taking things so seriously. Drinking champagne is just fun, its frivolous  and you can’t be too serious. So far I’m doing marvelously. I’ve decided that I’m going to try all the champagne that my local liquor store carries. I’m starting on the bottom shelf and working my way up. I gotta say that I’m really loving the $4.99 spumante.
– Host 12 gatherings. When Bryan and I first bought our house we had people over every few weeks. This helped us keep the house relatively clean at all times. In the last couple of years we haven’t done as well. This year I want to stretch myself to host at least 12 gatherings. And family doesn’t count. So far I’ve had my old co-workers over for champagne and snacks. I also hosted a birthday party for Bryan when he turned 30. Two down in less than one month!
– Wear Sequins. See: drink more champagne. It’s fun and silly.
– Visit 5 breweries or distilleries. One of my life goals is to visit 50 breweries or distilleries. This year I’d like to visit at least five. We are planning a trip to bourbon country this spring so I have no doubt that I can accomplish this one.
– Read 15 books (3 of which must be non-fiction). So far I’ve read one fiction and have started a non-fiction.
For the last two years I’ve done a photo-a-day or Project365. I always miss a couple days a year, but the point was to capture the little things of each day. I made a book for 2011 and will have one made for 2012 as well. I love being able to look back and remember those little moments. The first Korean meal I’ve had or the time Bryan did something stupid or just snuggling with the dog in bed.
With two years under my belt I feel a little more comfortable to stretch myself this year. The vast majority of photos from the past two years were taken with my smartphone. 2013 I plan on using my DSLR. I inherited one from my father a year and a half ago. I have enjoyed trying to learn to use it, but I rarely cart it with me unless I’m out of town. And if I do I’m pretty shy about taking it out and using it. I’m camera shy behind the camera if that makes any sense. I’m also by no means a good photographer. I have a ton to learn about using that big camera. The purpose of doing this, though, is to 1) take my camera with me, 2) stop being camera shy, and 3) improve my photography skills. I’m pretty excited about it, but also a little nervous.
Do you make goals for the new year or for your birthday? What are you doing to stretch yourself?

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